World Famous Boxers Quotes & Sayings

World Famous Boxers Quotes & Sayings

Find out the best quotes by known and most famous real heroes who made a successful career in boxing and kept their name in the history.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Quotes

  • I like to see the smiles on people’s faces when I show them I can do the impossible.
  • Well, you can’t trust most people in this game, period; it can be a very shady business.
  • People still look at me as the champion and that’s very important to me.

Roberto Duran Quotes

  • I do not fight for free. But I was born to be a fighter
  • The wind is old, but it keeps blowing.
  • There is only one legend. That’s me.

Jack Dempsey Quotes

  • Nobody owes anybody a living, but everybody is entitled to a chance.
  • A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.
  • The best defense is a good offense.

Mohamed ali Quotes

  • Don’t count the days; make the days count.
  • I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me. It would be a better world.
  • Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.

Sugar Ray Robinson Quotes

  • To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.
  • You don’t think. It’s all instinct. If you stop to think, you’re gone.
  • I’ve always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative.

Rocky Marciano Quotes

  • What would be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you’re a champion?
  • In the ring, I never really knew fear.
  • I don’t want to be remembered as a beaten champion.

Joe Louis Quotes

  • You need a lot of different types of people to make the world better.
  • The one-time cotton picker was now the heavyweight champion of the world.
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it does quiet the nerves.

Mike Tyson Quotes

  • A lot of people don’t like themselves and I happen to be totally in love with myself.
  • People love you when you’re successful, but if you’re not, who really cares about you?
  • We all have struggles in life but we have to continue to fight

Sugar Ray Leonard Quotes

  • I’ve always believed that you can be whatever you want to be if you are willing to sacrifice and dedicate yourself.
  • Generally, the more weight you put on, the less effective you are
  • My toughest fight was myself. For me to disclose and let things out was not easy because we don’t want to seem weak or like we are different, but I learned that it’s okay.

Joe Frazier Qute

  • Life doesn’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.
  • Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there.
  • Work is the only meanin’ I’ve ever known. Like the man in the song says, I just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

Manny Pacquiao Quotes

  • Life is meant to be a challenge because challenges are what make you grow.
  • Don’t make training easy. Make it harder so that you will get better.
  • My success is not about the wealth and fame. I am most concerned with my relationship to God, which is the most important.

George Foreman Quotes

  • When I was a boxer, I wanted to be champion of the world, not the richest man in the world.
  • A hero is someone right who doesn’t change.
  • One of my goals is to inspire everyone I meet to become a better person.
  • I know from experience that you should never give up on yourself or others, no matter what.

Julio Cesar Chavez Quotes

  • You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.
  • Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves – and be free.
  • In some cases non-violence requires more militancy than violence.

Roy Jones Jr. Quotes

  • I hope that not one of them ever wanna even think about boxing.
  • There’s no way a fighter should fight and put his life on the line, and a promoter makes more money than he makes.
  • If they just reverse the division, ban the judges, and then it’ll discourage other judges from ever doing this.

Evander Holyfield Quotes

  • It is not the size of a man but the size of his heart that matters.
  • Fighters find it hard to give up doing what they do best – fighting for a living.
  • If you quit every time things don’t go your way, then you’ll be quitting all through your life.

Jake LaMotta Quotes

  • There’s no way I’m goin’ down. I don’t go down for nobody.
  • In my whole career, I’ve never really gotten hurt. The only ones that really hurt me were my wives.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Quotes

  • Self-preservation is an important thing to me.
  • I’m looking to expand my portfolio while I’m on top and while I’m young.
  • I want to beat the best out there and whoever is considered the top fighters of my era.

Alexis Argüello Quote

  • I have no regrets because I did everything by the book.
  • I’d say the most memorable thing for me was my dedication and motivation in how I got so involved in boxing.
  • When I was in top shape I’d go to the ring and show my conditioning.

Pernell Whitaker Quotes

  • I’m a defensive fighter. That’s the first thing I’m going to remind him of, how to not get hit.
  • What you’re gonna get this time is some good boxing, some great defense and a good jab.
  • I think (in the past) the head butts have been his biggest downfall.

Wladimir Klitschko Quotes

  • Nobody is born as a champion. You have to earn it through hard work. Get started!
  • As a champion, I can’t fight against weak fighters.
  • Criticism is a great motivation. Failure is not an option to me.

Joe Calzaghe Quotes

  • To retire at the top of the game, that’s always been my aim.
  • I love the big fights. Obviously you can’t fight just for the money but the money is nice.
  • I’ve always been motivated to be a champion since the age of 13 and I love being a winner.

Gene Tunney Quotes

  • To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.
  • Ever since boyhood I’ve made a religion of keeping in shape by regular, conscientious exercise.
  • Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.

Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

  • I used to like studying a lot.
  • Boxing is always serious. Nothing comical or funny about boxing.
  • I believe that each fight teaches you something, and a new history is written in each fight.

Sonny Liston Quotes

  • The only thing my old man ever gave me was a beating.
  • Come over here and sit on my knee and finish your orange juice.
  • How would you like to find out how good my right is?

Salvador Sanchez Quotes

  • Faced with this irrational violence, we are forced to take urgent measures, of an extraordinary character, in order to guarantee security (and) peace for all Salvadorans.

Ezzard Charles Quotes

  • I believe, in my prime, I could have fought with anybody alive.
  • To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body. When you can’t make that commitment, they don’t call you a champion anymore.

Bob Fitzsimmons Quotes

  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
  • Younger people especially, I urge them to open a Roth. I open them up regularly.

Jersey Joe Walcott Quotes

  • I liked that title. I didn’t want to lose it to anybody, but if I had to lose it, I’m glad I lost it to you. You’re a good fighter and gonna be a great champ.

Max Baer Quotes

  • I define fear as standing across the ring from Joe Louis and knowing he wants to go home early.
  • I looked across the ring and realised I wanted to go home

Naseem Hamed Quotes

  • Power is more than the punch. I get so much power and belief in myself from God, and from God the power passes through my legs, through my hips, up to my shoulders, through my arms, and into my fists…I’m written to be a legend.

Arturo Gatti Quote

  • I hear the cheers when I need to hear them. It feels good to know my fans are still behind me.
  • They wanted me to do that, to get those tests done as a precaution, and it’s great. A lot of fighters get hurt in the ring, so we don’t want that. We don’t want me to get hurt. I feel good about it.

Michael Spinks Quotes

  • If you don’t take chances, you can’t do anything in life.
  • You always be like, I hope I’m ready.
  • Boxing is the best job in the world to let off steam, and people are in trouble when Tyson wants to let off steam

Carmen Basilio Quotes

  • I can’t concentrate on golf or bowling. Those bowling pins aren’t going to hurt me. I can concentrate in the ring because someone is trying to kill me.

Ray boom boom Quotes

  • My strength is my weakness and weakness is my strength
  • Since I’ve retired, I eat less, weigh less, train less and care less.

Floyd Patterson Quotes

  • When you have millions of dollars, you have millions of friends.
  • I’ve been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history.
  • It’s easy to do anything in victory. It’s in defeat that a man reveals himself.

Harry Greb Quotes

  • From now on, match me with one guy at a time.

Jack Johnson Quotes

  • We’ve got everything we need right here, and everything we need is enough.
  • The words are all around but the words are only sounds and no one ever seems to listen.
  • Dreams are like commercials, but her dreams are picture perfect…

Thomas Hearns Quotes

  • The loss just made me hungry; it made me want to go out and win another title.
  • Some people are going to be happy with my decision, some people aren’t… But I must live my life.
  • In boxing, everybody has their favorites.

Willie Pep Quotes

  • First your legs go. Then you lose your reflexes. Then you lose your friends
  • I’ve got it made. I’ve got a wife and a TV set – and they’re both working.

Oscar de la Hoya Quotes

  • There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.
  • I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know I took everyone on.
  • The fight life, that was easy. This is a battle I have every day.

Larry Holmes Quotes

  • I came from a dirt farm, now I’m filthy rich.
  • It’s hard being black. You ever been black? I was black once – when I was poor.
  • I never tried to be a mercenary or a killer but a hard working fighter.

Lennox Lewis Quotes

  • You can consider me like fine wine. I just get better with age.
  • Sometimes success needs interruption to regain focus and shake off complacency.
  • Now I am ready to set new goals and start a new career for myself outside of the ring.

Archie Moore Quotes

  • Very few people could make me fight out of my system. Burley was one.

Bernard Hopkins Quotes

  • I’m not going to give up. If you pay attention to my plan and the way I live and the way I eat, then you have a chance to extend your life a few more years.
  • The only thing I can do is be right about what I say. Because I know I’m being watched. I understand what I’m facing. All I can do is put the work behind it.
  • I always not only want push the envelope in my career but I also have an itch for going against the grain.

Henry Armstrong Quotes

  • When the chemist makes gloves, he usually cannot help making them in pairs for both hands.
  • Hypotheses like professors, when they are seen not to work any longer in the laboratory, should disappear.

Vitali Klitschko Quotes

  • I was actually very surprised, and I told myself wow, I want to fight this guy.
  • Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting injuries recently more than facing rivals in the ring.
  • As a champion, I can’t fight against weak fighters.

Max Schmeling Quotes

  • I can’t accept the title, to win it this way doesn’t mean anything to me.
  • Why did I want to win? because I didn’t want to lose!
  • I had a happy marriage and a nice wife. I accomplished everything you can. What more can you want?

Ken Norton Quotes

  • Age is a state of mind.
  • Whatever you do in your life, always go the distance.
  • Of all the titles that I’ve been privileged to have, the title of ‘dad’ has always been the best.

Sam Langford Quote

  • You’ll pardon me gentlemen if I make the fight short. I have a train to catch.

Shane Mosley Quote

  • I’m going to be where I’m going to be at.
  • This fight is very special to me because I want to bring back the old style.
  • The motivation is fighting the right fight. The type of fight I know I can fight. That’s the motivation and showing the people the way Sugar Shane really fights.

Benny Leonard Quotes

  • As interesting as that was, it didn’t inspire me. What did was that here was a Jew who was tough with his fists, a Jew who fought back.

Jimmy Wilde Quotes

  • In America they had no chance – I knocked them all cold in America

Miguel Cotto Quote

  • I have a lot of love inside my house. I can’t ask for more.
  • The harder I train every day on the track and in the gym, the more trust I gain in myself.
  • Winning the first championship is a goal for any boxer, and it means a lot to reach it.