Ramadan Offers, 2019

ramadhan celebration

Ramadan a special prayer time for the Muslims and the Eid season is expected to start on 5th May and continue til 4th June 2019. People would find to see a great Arabian culture specially at this festival season. Ramadan always occupy a great place in the Muslim calendar and celebrated with lots of respect towards the god. They fast the whole day and do not take anything inside and spending time in Arab countries like Dubai, Abu dhabi and other would definitely let you enjoy the beat time over there. If you have plans to travel and experience the Muslim tradition then you are suggested to go at the Ramadan time as the travel and stay cost can be cheaper for the travellers at this time with the a special Ramadan offers provided by the travel sites.

In the Ramadan time, if you are there in Dubai then make sure that you do not smoke, drink openly in the public as it is prohibited. Maintain to follow the rules and respect the culture. Better to wear the full clothes and you can carry the different outfits at beaches. Tourists are not expected to have the fast so consult the hotel or the trip advisers to find the place where you can have the food. Some restaurants do offer the food for the people so find the right place that offer different food items and enjoy. Not just the culture, during Ramadan you will enjoy spending time in Dubai and other Arab countries as you will find streets in festive moods, malls fully ready to provide the best for celebration and the local Souk to provide the best ever collection to the traveller and the locals to enjoy the shopping and staying experience.

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Minimum Rules that Non Muslims Must Follow

The non Muslims are expected ti respect the culture and people who generally consumer alcohol publicly get arrested and people who are new and do not know the rules issued a warning initially. Here no Muslims should wear the modesty clothes and should not go with the more open clothes on the roads.

Ramadan Prayers

Hotels & Restaurants in the Arab Countries

Hotels and restaurants are the best options for the people to book and try in the Ramadan season. During the Ramadan time many hotels get the discounted prices so you will have a great chance to book at budget friendly prices. Most of the restaurants doors get clothes in the daytime. You will find the dining hidden behind to find the services.

Night Clubs & Alcohol Services

There are many night clubs in the places like Dubai but during Ramadan time you will find the clubs closed.  During the night time the bars usually find operating as usual so just choose at the right time. Opened clubs generally do not have the music and the dancing in the clubs.

Shopping Malls & Operations

Shopping malls and the souk offer the special collection during the time. The food courts in the malls are almost find closed in the daytime and the malls which are offering food mostly covered off.

Tourist Attractions

There are many tourist destination available in Dubai and other Arab countries so you can enjoy visiting the destinations even in the time of Ramadan but this is pretty low than the usual days. The prices of the attractions, activities and other can be less than the usual. It is better to avoid the crowed but you would enjoy everything in better price.

Working Days During Ramadan

Specially during the Ramadan, employees would get 2 hours extra during the holi days and this law is just not applicable for the residents as other people or non residents also have to follow this rules strictly.

RAMADAN Coupons, Offers & Promo Codes for 2019

Ramadan offers

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Atlantis Special: Iftar At Asateer Tent – Sunset To 8:30pm

Enjoy the ultimate Ramadan experience at the iconic Asateer Tent where glittering lights, oriental entertainment and a wide array of buffet dishes and traditional delicacies at Iftar awaits you. Iftar Buffet: AED 220 per person including water and Ramadan juices Dress code is conservative, no shorts allowed Non smoking during Iftar.

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