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Pay Attention to These Cleaning Methods

If you want to maintain your jewelry, just grasp the four keywords and you can deal with the general inconvenience of maintenance, and increase the value of your personalized necklaces cheap store jewelry.

The hardness of colored gems is not as good as that of diamonds. Most of them are brittle. To avoid rubbing and scratching, gems of different hardness should be kept separately.

It is wrong to store the solid gold name necklace jewelry in a small wooden box. Colored gem jewelry should be stored in a soft-textured box to avoid unnecessary losses caused by external forces such as impact, friction, and scoring.

The chemical composition of some colored gems is not stable, so avoid contacting with chemically corrosive items, and do not expose to sunlight.

Although colored gem is a valuable item, it should be cleaned customizable best friend necklaces tag regularly. When cleaning, it should be immersed in a diluted neutral detergent, brush gently with a soft brush, then rinse with water to dry naturally. 

If you don’t pay attention to these methods, you may ruin your jewelry yourself!

1. Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste?

There is a saying circulating in the jewelry circle: cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste can make the monogram silver necklace jewelry look as beautiful as new. Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste is not an ideal approach, because toothpaste contains fine high-hardness abrasive particulate matter. These particulate matter are very small but the hardness is as high as six or seven degrees (almost the same as crystal). So cleaning jewelry with toothpaste can damage the surface of a gem that with a lower hardness than the crystal, especially pearl, gold and K gold bracelet for your girlfriend. Pearls should be absolutely avoided. The most ideal washing solution should be diluted neutral active agent.

2. Often touch diamonds, tourmalines, etc.?

These jewels should be dazzling on the body, but they are not easy to keep in daily wear. Many people can’t help but touch the surface when they see the diamonds are beautiful and charming best friend rings. This method will actually affect the diamond’s luster and brightness. From time to time, the human body excretes sweat and oil on the surface of the skin. The hands are the easiest to touch the body parts. Therefore, the oil on the skin often contaminates the hands. When you touch such gems with your hands, the oil on the hands is easy to stay and affects the gloss and brightness of the gemstone. In particular, diamonds are lipophilic gemstones, and the surface is easily contaminated with oil, which greatly affects gloss. But jade is an aggregate structure, and often touch it can make the jade more moist and lovely.

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