American Mathematician James Harris Simons Quotes

American Mathematician James Harris Simons Quotes

Popular motivational quotes and sayings collection by American mathematician and hedge fund manager who was known for his services.

James Simons Quotes on Business

  • We have very high standards and it works. Our business is wonderful as a result.
  • It’s difficult to run a business and be so consumed with another passion.
  • Through high school, anything related to business seemed absurd to me.
  • I’ve always believed if there’s going to be a hit – take it and then go on about your business.

James Simons Quotes on Fund

  • Size works against you in a fund like this.
  • Inversion was the kiss of death. The fund was unhedged with respect to the yield curve.
  • We have been caught in what appears to be a large wave of deleveraging on the part of quantitative long/short hedge funds.
  • We decided that systematic trading was best. Fundamental trading gave me ulcers.

James Simons Quotes on Life/ Family

  • Luck plays a meaningful role in everyone’s lives.
  • I used to have it in my house. My wife didn’t particularly like it.
  • Patterns of price movement are not random. However, they’re close enough to random…

James Simons Quotes on Mathematics

  • Had nothing to do with mathematics. Happily, more things went for us than against us.
  • I was always interested in math, even when I was a very little kid.
  • I wanted to do mathematics from the time I was 3. Literally. I would think about numbers and shapes.
  • By high school I knew that I was going to be a scientist of some sort. But I just assumed mathematics.

James Simons Motivational Quotes

  • We started to think about a whole new way to look at futures.
  • To myself, I have said, ‘I’m 62; by the time I’m 65, I’d like to pass the baton.’
  • I like big round numbers. The papers call me the $100 billion guy.
  • Everything is to some extent a compromise. Not everything can be perfect.
  • It’s always nice to see your work picked up by someone else and carried on.
  • God gave me a tail to keep off the flies. But I’d rather have had no tail and no flies.
  • I’ve always felt like something of an outsider, no matter what I was doing.
  • We’re moving in the direction of collaborative, goal-driven science.
  • I’m supposed to be retired. But I’m juggling a lot of things.
  • We can’t create our own data… You just have to play the data as it plays.

James Simons Famous Quotes

  • Past performance is the best predictor of success.
  • good atmosphere and smart people can accomplish a lot.
  • Signals generated by a series of proprietary predictive systems.
  • We don’t want to give away our big secrets here.
  • We have three criteria: If it’s publicly traded, liquid and amenable to modeling, we trade it.
  • There’s no such thing as the goose that lays the golden egg forever.