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Gancube, a Speedcubing Pioneer in China

GANCube is a large enterprise founded in the year 2014 by Mr. Gan Yuan Jiang. It is a popular leading platform in China and if you are a speedcubing lover then go for it as it’s your right destination for sure. It’s a business that design, manufacture, market and promote and do wholesale cubing.

Gancube has about 500k+ fans for the intelligence collection GAN365i2, GAN356 iplay 2, GAN356 i carry and the smart accessories like smart robot, GAN smart timer. Just not that, you will find Magnetism, Lite cubes, Infinity customize, GAN aliens, cubing sets, accessories and a lot more editions are available to select from in which GAN249 is an eye catcher which you can visit here.

Gancube successfully built a platform that is best for all the global cubers to try the best combination of software and hardware. And, also it’s a markabe platform for the intelligent toys and creates smart choices for all the fun loving customers to choose from.

How to Buy:

  1. Register at Gancube by providing your email address.
  2. Login with the details to easy order the product and avail customer benefits.
  3. Select the product you need from Products category in menu bar.
  4. Add product to your cart.
  5. Proceed to the payment process.


GANCube provides the best and easy ways to process the payment. You can simply add produts to the cart and enjoy availling the products by using these payment gateways.

  1. Paypal
  2. Western Union
  3. Credit Card

Shipping Details:

The products you order takes about 1-5 minimum business days to ship. The additional benefit is that you can check the order status by login into the account.

What’s More to Know?

What you must check at GANcube? you must go through the best sellers list in the page. The store adds the new launches into the page in order to check, browse and choose the right one from the newly launches best choices from the page, get here.