8+ Santa Letter Templates

Wish heartfully this Christmas and Santa listens to you. Celebrate this Christmas with Santa and get your wish list as a gift too. We have got you a special list of Santa letter templates to choose from and follow the pattern to request of wish for your list of choices this year.

A simple Santa template wish a lines of writing lines and with Christmas special decorative are there and some of awesome attractive Santa portrait letter with Santa image and the content.

The simple and awesome Santa flacks, dear, Santa socks and a letter template with colorful addons are available to make the Santa Letter more attractive. Select from premium Santa letter templates to download with illustrator, photoshop, graphic addons.

Letter from Santa Claus

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa/wish list

Dear Santa! Wish List

Christmas letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Letter & Thank You

Christmas letter to Santa Claus

Santa hand