10+Top Personal Joomla Templates

If you are planning to create a professional portfolio, a blog, or just a personal page for yourself, one of the Personal Joomla Templates on this page is sure to impress you. The templates are made up of several files which would determine the appearance of your website. Right from the font, menu style, color, basic layout, navigation control, to images like background image and header image, it is the template that determines everything on the website.

With the help of the professionally designed Joomla templates, you can make sure that your personal page, portfolio, or blog looks unique and is able to grab the attention of the visitors. A lot of people who are new to building websites often believe that the template itself is the entire website. However, templates actually ensure that the design of the website is separated from the content of the website.

As a result, you can change the website’s template without changing the entire content or the design of the website. If you are searching for the top templates for a personal website or a webpage, browse through the options on this page and you are sure to find one. No matter if you are looking for a template with a minimal appeal or something that can help you get the most from your website, the wide range of options here is sure to help you find something that perfectly meets your requirements.

Be it adding a photo gallery of your professional work, video, or a neat little slider, the wide range of customization options with these templates would provide complete control over the website and enable you to design it the way you like.

Simple Personal Joomla TemplateSimple Personal Joomla Template

Responsive Personal Joomla TemplateResponsive Personal Joomla Template

Personal Blog Joomla Template

Personal Sources Joomla TemplatePersonal Sources Joomla Template

Personal Resume Portfolio Joomla TemplatePersonal Resume Portfolio Joomla Template

Personal Profile Joomla TemplatePersonal Profile Joomla Template

Personal Portfolio Joomla TemplatePersonal Portfolio Joomla Template

Personal Pages Joomla TemplatePersonal Pages Joomla Template

Personal Dish Joomla TemplatePersonal Dish Joomla Template

Beautiful Joomla Personal TemplateBeautiful Joomla Personal Template