10+ Work In Progress Quotes & Sayings

10+ Work In Progress Quotes & Sayings

There have been people who are working for a long time and people are there who still are sating that their work still in process to reach the destination like me because i have been waiting for that work & power that i have dreaming and if you are the one who is in my stage then these quotes are for you. Check with these awesome collections of Work in Process quotes & sayings and choose the right one from the list that matches your situation.

  • “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” – Philip Roth
  • “I’m a work in progress.” – Barbra Streisand
  • “Parents can make us distrust ourselves. To them, we seem always to be works-in-progress.” – Frank Pittman
  • “life is a work in progress.” – Rachel Caine
  • “We’re not perfect. We’re a work in progress. But man, America has gotten a lot of things right.” – Donna Edwards
  • “Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean, I’ve never arrived… I’m still learning all the time.” – Renee Fleming
  • “There is neither a proportional relationship, nor an inverse one, between a writer’s estimation of a work in progress & its actual quality. The feeling that the work is magnificent, & the feeling that it is abominable, are both mosquitoes to be repelled, ignored, or killed, but not indulged.” – Annie Dillard
  • “People and relationships never stop being a work in progress” – Nora Roberts
  • “The amazing fact is that America is founded on a document. It’s a work in progress. It can be tested by each generation.” – Christopher Hitchens
  • “Just live! Live now! Don’t wait, and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a work in progress.” – Lindy West
  • “My life is just a never-ending work in progress.” – Richard Simmons
  • “For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.” – Dan Brown
  • “I don’t feel like a legend. I feel like a work in progress.” – Barbra Streisand
  • “All creativity is a work in progress.” – Dean Cavanagh
  • “I don’t discuss works in progress.” – Tom Clancy
  • “I would rate the fact that I get to be alive a big beautiful 10. Satisfaction with myself – work in progress.” – Eve Ensler
  • “I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to be better.” – Nate Parker
  • “When I look in the mirror, I see a work in progress.” – Cynthia Addai-Robinson
  • “Everything is a work-in-progress.” – Nicholas A. Basbanes
  • “We are all just a work in progress.” – Mary J. Blige
  • “Human nature is a work in progress.” – Nick Bostrom
  • “I am a work in progress dressed in the fabric of a world unfolding.” – Ani DiFranco