10+ Think Rich & Grow Rich – Make Money Quotes & Sayings

10+ Think Rich & Grow Rich - Make Money Quotes & Sayings

Every one of us has a though of earning more and be rich in future but do we really think of becoming rich? Do we really put efforts in becoming rich and change our world in the way we thought? Yes, your thoughts are the main source to make you rich in the way that you thought of but that is completely in your how strongly you wish to do that. The strength and desire of you tell how much you are waiting to be rich and working to make it happen. To expose the same thought you can check these special Think & Grow Rich – make money quotes to replicate your thought and keep up your spirit on becoming what you thought of.

  • “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” – Yogi Berra
  • “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” – Walt Disney
  • “It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.” – Albert Camus
  • “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett
  • “The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.” – Kin Hubbard
  • “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffett
  • “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “My philosophy has always been, do what you love and the money will follow.” – Amy Weber
  • “Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” – Jim Rohn
  • “If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.” – George Bernard Shaw
  • “If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.” – Earl Wilson
  • “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” – Zig Ziglar
  • “Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves.” – Zig Ziglar
  • “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” – Dave Ramsey
  • “Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don’t expect it from cheap people.” – Warren Buffett
  • “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey
  • “The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” – Bernard Meltzer
  • “Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” – Christopher Rice
  • “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art” – Andy Warhol
  • “I made my money the old-fashioned way, I inherited it.” – John Raese
  • “Money can’t buy happiness—but it can buy beer.” – Gary Reilly
  • “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it” – Henry Ford
  • “What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do.” – Julia Cameron
  • “Being popular is the most important thing in the world!” – Homer